Stretch yourself, run safer

This is my last week of training before the Milano City Marathon relay, where I’m going to run with 3 running mates of the Milan Nike Running Club.

To start your Sunday’s competition and your future ones with the best condition and the proper preparation, this week I’m going to talk about stretching.

Amateur runners especially underestimate it, but it’s so important: you won’t have finished your training until you won’t have stretched yourself.



Overall, never do it without a little bit of warm up. So, if you want to stretch yourself far away from your training, remember to warm you up at least 10/15 minutes before starting.

Before a competition or interval training, the dynamic stretching is perfect.

The static one, on the other hand, is essential after a competition or training to recover faster and in the best way.

The stretching position should be maintained for 15/20 seconds and repeated until you won’t fell anymore the elongation feeling.

You should stretch the legs and back major muscles groups, but, if you are in a hurry, choose the hip flexors, knee flexors and calves.

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