For an athlete, taking care of muscles is important and it should be part of his routine. In addition to a proper warm up, recovery after training and a lot of stretching, you should go periodically to a physiotherapist for a sport massage.

But there is another method to not knock at his door devastated with muscles contracture: the Foam Roller


What is a foam roller?

Generally, it is a plastic/polystyrene tube on which you roll with basically each muscles groups.

There are a lot of Foam Roller models, make sure that it is not too soft: the harder the better (and the more painful, unfortunately)!


Why you should use it?

  • It helps reducing muscles contracture without going nowhere but at home.
  • Foam Roller doesn’t substitute a good physiotherapist’s work, let me be clear, but could help preventing injuries caused by excessive muscles tension.
  • Improve blood circulation.

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