how yoga benefits runners


This week I am going to speak about another complementary sport to running: YOGA.

As cycling (click here for my article about it), either yoga in combination with running, helps preventing injuries, reducing muscles tension, speeds recovery and, in addiction, strengths the mind.



Basing on positions maintenance (called asane), yoga trains your mind to stay concentrate on the body and on the messages it gives us.

Practicing it, it could help to become stronger on supporting and overcoming fatigue.

In addition to stretching positions, yoga includes asane that improve muscles strength and balance, useful to improve your core.

Therefore, yoga for runners is spreading more and more, with weekly dedicated sessions and apposite sections on the most important running magazines, such as Runner’s World.



In addition, to let you practice in autonomy, anywhere and anytime, Nike this year had the fantastic idea to create free yoga lessons on Nike + Training Club app.

I have tried it and I’m using it in my weekly yoga sessions, and it is useful and easy to follow.

Training sessions satisfied all the practice levels and they are divided in three areas: endurance, strength and mobility.

In conclusion, basing on your goals (recover from a competition or workout, improve your strength and balance), you have just to choose an area and workout’s intensity.

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