runners sportswear FALKE Sport Ergonomic System

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System: “Sportswear should protect athletes from injury and stress as much as possible”.

Starting with this phrase, today I will introduce you to FALKE.

It is a German Company founded in 1895 and leaded by the same family since the beginning. Through the years it became one of the leading brand worldwide knowing for its fashion high level socks (worn by the most famous models in the world such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid)

In 2005 the Sportwear “FALKE ergonomic sport system” line has been introduced and quickly spread out in Germany, Austria, North Europe countries and America.

Now it is available in Italy too and for me it has been a great discovery.

You can check out all the information you are interested in, on its website, but today I will describe the first outfit worn by me during my training in the French Riviera.


FALKE Impulse socks

Let’s start from the FALKE Impulse socks: they have a gradual compression and sensors activation to the sole and at the outer calf, that improved blood circulation, ensure good oxygen supply and a quicker regeneration after sport activity.

They are really comfy and fresh, in addiction you will noticed a perfect adaption to the foot anatomy.


FALKE Impulse shirt and tights

Impulse shortsleeved shirt e Impulse ¾ tights: these two babies make a perfect outfit as they have common features.

The shirt has got a postural system that, using different tissue pressure, supports you during the sport gesture allowing a better body position.

It also helps you to breath more easily by a comfortable pressure in the lower abdomen.

Along all the paravertebral muscles there are a lot of gum spots that generate a proprioception stimulation and a soft massage.

The tights have the same features, always following the body anatomy.

To conclude, FALKE sportwear is produced by precise ergonomics principles, believing that, adapting to human physical processes, sport clothes could support athletes in their performance, protecting them from injury and stress as much as possible.

In addiction they are really stylish with an original and elegant style.

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