cycling could improve running performace

This week I introduced a bike day in my daily trainings.

I have to admit, I’m not keen on cycling, I prefer keeping my feet on the ground, but sometimes I bike instead of run to recover from a workout or a competition.

Changing activity is indicated to break the monotony and it helps speeding the muscles recovery.

Cycling is a non-weight bearing activity, so articulations and muscles are less stressed.

In addiction is a good activity to strengthen quads.

For these reasons, if you have the chance, alternate running with cycling, to recover or as a strength training adding some hills to the path.

Once you will have introduced biking to your training schedule, keep practicing it at least once a week.

A long cycling training is a good ally if you are preparing a marathon or if you are coming out from an overuse injury too.

Don’t forget, helmet on always and better in company!

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