hydration first

Hot weather has arrived and hat and water bottle are a must have in our training backpack.

Each year with the begging of summer competitions, at least once I see runners affected by heat stroke.

As adequate hydration is essential for optimal athletic performance, this week I would like to tell you how to stay hydrated.

Stretch yourself, run safer

This is my last week of training before the Milano City Marathon relay, where I’m going to run with 3 running mates of the Milan Nike Running Club.

To start your Sunday’s competition and your future ones with the best condition and the proper preparation, this week I’m going to talk about stretching.

Reebok Floatride shoe

Let’s speak about one of the biggest news in the running’s world: Reebok is back with his new model called Floatride.

Its principal characteristic is the amortization that, as you can suppose from the model’s name, will make you float.

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